Update on my doll status!


JasonWuVoage18903666525_2392014efd_b.jpgOK, black Friday and cyber Monday, I surrender.

Pullip dolls have put up some incredible prices and I couldn’t resist any more.

Also I bought some FR dolls that would add to my small collection as well.

Oh dear…!



Poppy, Disney, Dynamite Girls!

Jason Wu doll outfit, missing shoes and accessories, $35, postage included

Poppy dolls and outfits for $52 each

Katy keene for $50

Dynamite girls for $65

Poppy 16 inch for $70

Agnes default doll and outfits for $89 each

Disney Anna 17 inch for $100

Disney Snow White for $125


Buy more than 2, you get discounts.

UPDATE. As of April 1st, 2016, all poppys are sold out. Katy Keene, Dynamite Girls, Agnes, Poppy 16 inch are also SOLD OUT.








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