Disney D23! Way to make money, Disney!

There, I’ve said it. Take my money, Disney.

It cost me about 200 dollars in admission and food, and a little for gas.

Anyhow, spending nearly 300 dollars, I went on a shopping spree like a maniac.

There, I had noticed some ‘Sellers’ who went straight to limited doll purchases-

I myself bought two. (Well technically, me and my buddy!) The original price tag on these dolls are $130.

Given the fees these people had to pay to get the dolls, I understand why the dolls has to cost even more on Ebays or whatnots. Add to that the crazy popularity of Frozen, these dolls are getting sold on thrice the price!

But I don’t know. The last Frozen limited doll, well. Everyone thought they’d make some money and rushed to their local Disney stores. Result? It’s been 5 months and the price has remained below 200.

Sure, in time it will eventually climb up, but that is the case with any other Disney’s limited dolls.

The D23 dolls are limited in number so that should give another reason for a price bump, but other than that, it’s up to the popularity of the characters included (Elsa and Hans) and the overall feature of the dolls themselves.

D23 Exclusive Frozen Elsa and Hans Limited Edition Doll

Price: 130

Shipping: My gas fee and part of my admission.

d23 Elsa hans

I guess this would be the value of this item 🙂


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