Georgetown’s Garage sale and local auctions (Updated, July 2015)

Last weekend was a bit of adventure for me! Normally I don’t go to many local auctions, but every now and then I do, and I happen to find some really cool, beautiful collectibles!

Here there are, all used but still in wonderful shape.

1998-Imperial-Elegance 25421824-4d8b-48e4-96da-4b2014e1f587.Full 64386432


1435620004737 1435620011376 1435620017964 Vera1 $_57 (5) $_57 (6) 9507789410_7074d2fe83 2000-Imperial-Spendor_boxed

Faberge Imperial Barbie Blue dress $99 Used, with no box

Boucle Barbie nude only, $70, Used

Harpist Angel Barbie $35, New

Red Hot Reviews $120 New, replacement version

Disney Diamond Anniversary $45 New

Sweeping Antoinette $270 Used

Convention Fiorella $200 Used

Vera Wang $35 New

Plantation Belle $55 New

Faberge Imperial Barbie $99 Used, put back in box with original package, no certificate of authenticity

Shipping and Handling will vary according to zones and sizes of the package. Please ask me for a quote. (Your zip code required!)

Small barbie doll would normally cost around $11~20

Large porcelain doll would normally cost $25

International Buyers, please also ask me for a quote. (Your country and zip code is required.)

I was quite inspired by this outing, actually. Hope to go to another sales and encounter other finds again!


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