Limited Edition Disney Dolls- Perfect for special day occasions!

I have never been a big fan of Disney, just that I was a fan of some of their films when I was a child- but then again, who wasn’t? Anyways, I have recently rekindled my interest for Disney and their products due to the film ‘Frozen’, in 2014. I was able to snag this beautiful baby… and although it cost me more than its original price, I got it at a much lower price than what it goes for today!

Anyways, I’m off to Paris for holidays. And I’m selling the beloved Anna doll, or would like to switch for other Disney dolls.

Now I’m looking for the Coronation Elsa, Ariel and Eric, Snow white, Alice in Wonderland, or Cinderella wedding doll!

If you have any of these versions or dolls up for a swap, just message me with additional costs!

My doll is in perfect shape 🙂

Anna limited edition doll

I want to swap, rather than to sell for a profit!

For any additional cost that is needed, I would welcome transaction on Paypal!

Also shipping with insurance is always a safe way to go, but we can discuss that later also 🙂

Messages welcome!


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